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Oprah Hugs the Royal Whiners

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Making Sense By Michael Reagan

So what was the big point of Oprah’s “bombshell” interview?

Was it to watch Meghan Markle throw her husband’s family under the bus as a bunch of racists?

Was it to prove Meghan was woefully ill-prepared to marry into the British royal family?

Was it to prove she and Prince Harry were spoiled brats who wanted to keep all the pounds, perks and privileges of being royals without having to accept the responsibilities and hard work that goes with the job?

How about all of the above?


Meghan’s claim that she seriously considered suicide because of the racism she encountered and the constant attacks of bigoted tabloids, hit the UK media like an atom bomb.

British newspapers and TV are still going nuts trying to decide who the most evil characters or greatest victims are - the Sussexes or the royal family they chose to leave left behind.

Meghan shocked Oprah when she said certain unnamed members of the royal family had wondered how light or dark her unborn child Archie’s skin was likely to be.

Oprah immediately believed Meghan’s charge of royal racism, of course.


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