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So Far, Biden is All Gloom and No Sunshine

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Making Sense By Michael Reagan

Say what you will about the personal and political failings of Donald Trump, at least he was an optimist.

Along with being a cheerleader for America, he talked positively, sometimes when he shouldn’t have, and he could always see the sunshine.

President Biden is the exact opposite.

In a month he has not said anything that has uplifted the spirits of a single American who’s not a member of the teachers union.

For Biden and the left-wingers he’s been appointing to his Cabinet, there’s no such thing as sunshine now or in our future, just pitch darkness and gloom.


They want to kill America’s energy independence and keep our school rooms empty of children until the teachers say it’s OK.

They want to prolong the strict COVID-19 lockdowns that have already wrecked huge swaths of our economy, wiped out most of the joy in our social lives and ruined the future for our kids and grandkids.

It’s really appalling how much damage we’ve already allowed our federal and state governments to inflict on us in the name of protecting public health.

It’s not just closing schools, restaurants, gyms and sports venues or restricting attendance at churches and synagogues.


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