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If Trump wins a second term, Biden supporters will be rioting in the streets

Michael Reagan on

It doesn’t matter who wins on Tuesday, America is in for big trouble.

If it’s Joe Biden, the Democrat Party’s street gangs will celebrate by rioting in the streets.

If Donald Trump wins re-election, Biden’s supporters will be so enraged they’ll riot, loot and burn everything they can – and the liberal media will say they had every right to express their anger.

I live in Los Angeles, which government law-and-order experts say is not likely to riot and burn because of next week’s presidential election results.

But I’m taking no chances. Here they riot and loot when the Dodgers win the World Series, so I don’t plan to be anywhere near my home on Nov. 3.

I’m hiring a guard for my house and on Election Day morning my family and I will get out of town.


I’m not revealing where we’ll go, but I don’t plan to come back till the following week, when most of the rioting, torching and shooting should be over.

If all this sounds paranoid to you, it’s because somehow you’ve failed to notice that in the last half year our country has gone crazy, and gone to Hell.

I’m not blaming Donald Trump for the country’s dangerous craziness. I’m blaming social media and the deranged, dishonest mainstream liberal media in general because of the way they’ve ginned up hatred for him and protected corrupt and senile Joe Biden.

For the last 20 years everyone clamored for a businessman to become president and drain the Washington swamp of the creatures who’ve been wrecking the country with their bad laws, high taxes and endless wars in the Middle East.


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