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Looking at the VP debate

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The Kamala Harris-Mike Pence death match will go down in history as another forgettable vice presidential debate, but it had its pluses.

It showed us two important things we already knew.

It showed us that Vice President Pence is a smart, sober and able defender of Donald Trump and his record at home and overseas.

And it showed us that Sen. Harris is an empty pants suit who likes to laugh and smirk, play the race and gender cards, hide her own leftwing politics and blame the Trump administration for everything that’s wrong with the world.

The moderator, Susan Page of USA Today, didn’t help things with her loaded questions, strict time-keeping and unerring ability to cut off any real back-and-forth on any issue just as it got interesting.

She was like one of those basketball referees whose constant whistle-blowing ruins the game for everyone.


To be fair, her main job was to enforce the debate commission’s rigid rules and out-of-date format and prevent the VP debate from becoming another free-for-all like the Trump-Biden match.

But Page overdid it so much she made Mike Wallace look like a neutral moderator.

Her loaded questions, as usual, were tougher on Team Trump than Team Biden. And she was in such a hurry she rarely if ever forced Harris or Pence to actually answer the questions she asked them.

If Page had been truly interested in fairness and balance, Pence would not have had to be the one who asked Harris the Dodged Question of the Week:


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