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Shut up and debate Mr. President

Michael Reagan on

President Trump was his own worst enemy at Tuesday night’s big debate.

As we’ve said here a dozen times, he still hasn’t learned when to shut up.

He stepped on his own message dozens of times and interrupted Joe Biden so often and so quickly that Old Joe never had the chance to hang himself with his damning or garbled answers.

We didn’t need to hear Trump tell us what he thinks about rebuilding the post-COVID-19 economy or what an idiot the mayor of Portland is.

We’ve seen and heard that noise a hundred times. Every day, it seems.

What the country needed to see more of, however, was Basement Joe Biden. He was the mystery candidate who needed to reveal himself and his ideas to us.


I wanted Biden to have plenty of time at the debate to show us just how out of it he is and how unprepared he is to be president.

I wanted the whole country to see him try to defend the New Green Deal and his $4 trillion tax hike and tell us if he’s in favor of packing the U.S. Supreme Court with more Democrats.

What I and the rest of the world got instead at the debate was an aggressive, ill-prepared and un-presidential president who forgot he was a contestant and thought he was the co-moderator.

It was so frustrating to see him cut in so often that at one point I was shouting at the TV, “Shut the hell up, Trump! Let Joe go off the rails!”


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