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The Kids Won’t Be All Right

Michael Reagan on

Can we all agree that the kids living in our biggest cities don’t get a good education?

Can we all agree that it’s a travesty that upwards of 75 percent of the kids in our inner-city schools aren’t able to read, write and count at grade level?

Can we all agree that if we don’t open our schools this fall the group that will be hurt the most are the poor kids of every color in our inner cities?

I’m glad we all agree.

The trouble is, the teachers unions and the educrats who run the public school system in Los Angeles and elsewhere say they don’t want to reopen schools and will offer classes only online.

The teachers, who are currently being paid not to teach, have a bunch of lame reasons for ignoring the needs of the people they supposedly work for – school kids, the kids’ parents and taxpayers.


Despite evidence from Germany and elsewhere in Europe that children are virtually immune to COVID-19 and rarely if ever spread the virus to adults, some teachers and administrators say they want to skip school this fall because they’re worried about the health of “their” kids.

Some other teachers say they’re afraid for their own health. Maybe they’re right to worry – if they’re over 60, saddled with several medical preconditions or obese. Otherwise, COVID-19 isn’t going to hurt them much.

And some highly politicized and despicable teachers – specifically the ones who run their unions – are cynically doing the bidding of their masters in the Democrat Party who think keeping schools closed forever is part of a winning strategy for Joe Biden.

For example, the L.A. teachers union says, among its other purely partisan demands, that it won’t reopen schools unless police are defunded and there is Medicare for all.


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