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The Virus Of Anarchy

Michael Reagan on

I have very good reasons to be worried about catching the coronavirus.

I fit the demographic profile for the most typical victim – I’m 75 and I have a serious medical precondition.

And here in Los Angeles, where about 4,500 of the state’s 9,000 coronavirus deaths already have occurred, the pandemic is still hanging around.

My immediate family members and I haven’t had so much as a sniffle or cough in four months, but the virus has claimed a few people around me.

The brother of our housekeeper died of the coronavirus in Guatemala. So did his son.

The guard at my wife’s office building told us his sister died of the virus in Iran.


On Thursday we heard the sad news about the death of Herman Cain, the upbeat business executive and author who ran for president in 2012. He lost his long battle against COVID-19 at age 74.

I didn’t need to hear about his death or see the headlines that COVID-19 fatalities in the U.S. have passed 150,000 to be reminded to wear a mask and keep my social distance.

Those precautions are simply something that people like me have to close pay attention to.

I know wearing a face mask — like everything else these days – has become a nasty Red-Blue political issue.


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