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No News is Relaxing News

Michael Reagan on

I’m happy to report I haven’t heard Nancy Pelosi’s name in five days.

I haven’t heard President Trump accused of being responsible for 159,000 COVID-19 deaths since last week.

And I don’t even know if Portland was burned to the sidewalks last weekend by its permanent mob of “peaceful protestors.”

I’m not in Heaven.

I’m in Newport Beach in a rented house by the sea.

My wife, kids and I are taking boat trips to watch the whales, cooking fancy meals for ourselves and watching the Pacific crash on the beach.


It’s called a summer vacation. For me, that means taking a week’s vacation from the news.

Since last weekend I haven’t been watching Fox or CNN or reading the Washington Post – or even the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

I haven’t been doing any TV interviews and haven’t even talked on the phone. I’m with my family – relaxing my butt off.

Relaxing is nice. You should try it. You’ll live longer.


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