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A Tale of Two Conventions

Michael Reagan on

This week’s Republican National Convention was the best I’ve ever watched.

The locations and settings were great.

Melania did a fine job in the White House Rose Garden.

Vice President Mike Pence praised President Trump remotely from Baltimore’s Fort McHenry.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke from somewhere in Israel.

In addition, the GOP’s diversity quotient was off the charts.


The impressive speakers included Tim Scott (the U.S. Senator from South Carolina whose inspiring life story is summed up by “From Cotton to Congress”), Nikki Hailey (the Indian-American former governor of South Carolina) and young Daniel Jay Cameron, the first black attorney general of Kentucky.

Plus, there were so many women coming to the podium over the first three days you couldn’t count them.

Along with Trump’s daughters, Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway and rising star Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota. There was also Kim Klacik, the dynamic young Republican running for Congress who filmed her remarks in the urban ruins of Democrat-run Baltimore.

Best of all were the speeches.


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