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It's Not That Americans Listen to Trump; He Listens to Them!

: Laura Hollis on

Trump's endorsements won big in last night's primary elections in Arizona, Missouri, Kansas and Michigan! He is the most powerful kingmaker in politics today!

Or, depending on what/who you read:

Trump failed to carry the day in all the races in which he endorsed a candidate! His star is on the wane!

Celebrations, recriminations, admonitions. De facto First Daughter of Arizona Meghan McCain bemoaned conservative candidate Kari Lake's victory in the Republican gubernatorial primary. McCain tweeted, "Congratulations to my home state for full making the transition to full blown MAGA/conspiracy theory/fraudster. The voters have spoken -- be careful what you wish for ..."

That anyone would use the term "conspiracy theory" without a sense of irony at this point is high camp. Remember these jewels?

-- The FBI spied on Trump.


-- Hillary Clinton's campaign funded "opposition research" that was completely fabricated.

-- Trump never "colluded" with Russia and the FBI knew it.

-- The FBI lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to get a warrant.

-- COVID-19 originated in a lab.


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