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The leftist media is most deserving of our ire

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Lauer insists that his concerns extend beyond his personal travails. "It's about whether, as journalists, we have a responsibility to check facts and vet sources," he says. "It's about understanding the difference between journalism and activism. It is about whether we are putting far too much trust in journalists whose publicly stated opinions impact their ability to remain objective."

I agree. But did the media not breathlessly report the contents of the spurious "dossier" former British spy Christopher Steele provided to the FBI as part of the "Obamagate" spying scandal?

Where were the press's investigatory chops then?

They were more interested in making the public believe that Donald Trump had been urinated on by Russian hookers in a Moscow hotel, and that he and members of his staff were agents of the Russian government. Many still believe those outrageous assertions, even though the dossier -- and the Russia-collusion narrative -- have been utterly discredited.

And Matt Lauer wonders -- in the #MeToo era, no less -- why the media machinery he's been a part of his whole career can grind him up like hamburger meat for an accusation as facile (by comparison) as rape?

I would hope that the press would give up the partisanship and renew their commitment to honesty and investigatory fairness for the good of the country. But if not, perhaps they can look at Matt Lauer's experience as a cautionary tale, and change course for the sake of their own necks.


Live by the lie. Die by the lie.


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