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Yes On School Choice -- But It Requires Parental Involvement

From the Right / Larry Elder /

Question my sanity, but I'm considering running in this election to recall California's Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. Here's a big reason why.

No one doubts that bad K-12 public school teachers exist. There is a phenomenon known as the "turkey trot," in which bad teachers wind up in the worst schools.

Why? There is a connection between bad ...Read more

On Race, Can We All Lighten Up?

From the Right / Larry Elder /

On a beautiful Sunday morning, I was out of town for a business meeting in the city of Santa Barbara, California, an affluent area where the rich and famous live. Demographically, it isn't exactly Wakanda. Before getting on the 101 Freeway for the long drive back to Los Angeles, I pulled into a gas station to fill up.

Just as I got out of my ...Read more

VP Harris, What About the 'Root Cause' of Urban Homicide?

From the Right / Larry Elder /

Vice President Kamala Harris just returned from Guatemala where she discussed the "root cause" of the post-election "surge" of "migrants" to our southern border. Harris said, "People leave home ... because they don't have opportunities there to fulfill their basic needs like feeding their children or keeping a roof over their head, or they're ...Read more



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