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What If Leviathan Destroys Our Freedoms?

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on

What if the federal government views the Constitution as an obstacle to be avoided? What if many of its most earnest endeavors have been spent finding ways to evade it? What if the dual purposes of the Constitution were and remain the establishment of a limited federal government and the imposition of restraints upon it?

What if the states formed the federal government and not the other way around? What if the states that formed the federal government and the states that joined it contemplated at the time of formation and joining that they can correct it when it exceeds the powers that the states gave it?

What if the federal government's only source of powers is those delegated to it by the states in the Constitution? What if those delegated powers are spelled out in the Constitution so that all persons can read what powers the feds have and recognize that all remaining governmental powers not delegated to the feds have been retained by the states?

What if when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, which was unanimously adopted by Congress and which launched the American Revolution, he defined "the consent of the governed" as the necessary linchpin for a moral and legitimate government? What if the government is not moral and thus not legitimate if it lacks the consent of the governed?

What if, to address this, Jefferson argued that the government should begin anew every 19 or 20 years -- and the new government would require the consent of the governed for its moral legitimacy?

What if no one living today has consented to the federal government?


What if the culture of the federal government has become an out-of-control Leviathan in the past 100 years? What if Leviathan believes that it can right any wrong, regulate any behavior, tax any event, borrow any amount, fight any war, tell any lie, torture any foe and kill any person, no matter what the Constitution says? What if Leviathan derives its unjust powers from its own will and not from the states that created it or the Constitution that is supposed to regulate it?

What if all who work for Leviathan take an oath to uphold the Constitution? What if that oath legally binds those who take it to the plain meaning and values underlying the words in the Constitution?

What if the feds can only right wrongs in areas of governance delegated to them in the Constitution? What if the Constitution plainly leaves areas of governance such as health, safety, welfare and morality to the states?

What if Leviathan is made up of folks who view the states not as independent sovereign entities but as subservient administrative regions whose wills can be bent by distributing federal cash? What if those who control Leviathan truly want to trample the states, tell us all how to live, seize our wealth and give it away, and compel us to take drugs against our wills?


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