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People Should Own Their Own Bodies, So I'm Mostly Pro-Choice

John Stossel on

Now abortion law is up to states. Some will ban it, while most blue states will allow it in some form. Because libertarians want government out of our lives, people assume we are pro-choice. Some of us are. But like the rest of America, there are principled libertarians on both sides. We freedom-lovers believe women (and men) own their bodies and should have control over what happens to them. But we also believe that one of the few legitimate roles for government is stopping murder. If a fetus is a life, abortion is legally murder.

"Life begins from the moment conception is complete," says Kerry Baldwin, host of the "Dare to Think" Podcast. "Abortion is murder."

"The termination of a pregnancy is the right of any woman," counters pro-choice Avens O'Brien of Feminists for Liberty.

I say to O'Brien, "That is a form of life in the womb. You're not bothered terminating that?"

"I'm not sure I agree that it's a person with rights," she responds.

"At what point does the baby have a right to be protected by the state?" I continue. "You're saying that one minute before birth, the baby does not, and one minute after, it does?"


"Individuals have rights," she responds. "Individuals don't exist inside other people."

Baldwin counters, "Passing through the birth canal doesn't change the humanity of the fetus."

"As long as a fetus is inside a person, the person gets to determine whatever's happening to it," answers O'Brien.

Baldwin says the only time abortion should be legal is if a woman's life is in danger. Rape is not justification. Rape, she says, is "a crime against women. They need restitution for that crime," but the woman must carry the baby to term.


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