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'Woke' Awards Shows Cheapen Something Which Should Be Based Stritcly on Merit

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Oscar nominees were announced this week.

The AP highlighted the record number of nominations of "actors of color" and "a record year for women."

Today, such declarations are important in this "woke" media world.

Future Oscars will have actual quotas for minority groups.

Actor David Oyelowo praised the new standards, saying, "Anyone and everyone who is on that list of marginalized groups that are now going to be represented, are cheering."

No. Not all are cheering.


"Black, white, Asian... none of that should matter," says musician Eric July in my new video.

July, who is Black, complains that quotas cheapen awards. "It's supposed to be based on merit."

When I told him that director Roseanne Liang calls the new rules "one of the bravest and most amazing things that the Academy has done," July responded, "No, it's not. ... It basically turns the award into nothing. They feel sorry for you, so they're going to... give you an award."

I pushed back, that most Oscar voters are older white men. Even when movies starring Black people did well (Samuel L. Jackson is America's highest-grossing actor), award shows gave fewer Oscars to Black performers.


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