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The Insanity of the Left’s ‘Let the Kids Have Their Knife Fghts’ Argument

John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

But it isn’t reality. In reality, a knife fight is not ballet. You fight with knives, you get stabbed and you might bleed to death. And the death isn’t clean. Broadway just can’t capture it.

The late Gregory T. Johnson, 8th Dan Kyokushin karate master from the Southwest Side of Chicago, understood about knives. He spent years instructing law enforcement officers about street combat.

“8th Dan Kyokushin karate” might not mean anything to politicians and keyboard warriors, but all true martial arts experts know what that means.

On knives, he’d tell his civilian students: You are going to get stabbed. Run if you can. If you fight, know you will get cut.

Something else was bleeding when that cop in Columbus shot Byrant, quite likely saving a life, and the Chauvin jury in Minnesota was finding that former police officer guilty in the death of George Floyd.

What was bleeding was the central narrative of the left, pushed in angry, often violent protests in big cities, that cops are trained to be militant, that they target minorities, that they should be unarmed and defunded.


And in their panic, the left built another fantasy: that cops should allow kids to settle arguments with knives.


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