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Biden Will Go Down as the President Who Poisoned Baseball

John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Baseball’s greatest day was April 15, 1947. It was the day when Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s infamous color line to become the first Black player ever to play in a major league game.

Finally, after centuries of racial discrimination, there was a sense that merit, not skin pigment, was what was to be valued in America’s life. Because baseball was America’s game.

What has been baseball’s worst day?

Just last week, when the corporate suits of Major League Baseball stripped Atlanta of this year’s All-Star Game. Why? They caved to the racial demagoguery of the most powerful man in the world:

Joe Biden, president of the United States.

He’s the president who pushed baseball into taking the All-Star Game from Atlanta because Georgia’s politics offend him. He poured his own politics into sport, something that should unite us all. He politicized something that should not be politicized.


Biden’s legacy?

He’s the president who poisoned baseball.

Just months before, as major league teams were preparing for spring training, Biden made that speech at his inauguration promising to end America’s “uncivil war” pitting red states against blue states.



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