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What’s wrong with public schools? It’s the unions

John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

To understand what’s gone wrong with big-city public education — where militant teachers union bosses dictate urban school policy and politics — just look to Chicago and the saga of Sarah Chambers.

Her embarrassing story has gone worldwide. But it does have a message.

It tells public school parents who want their kids back in school, and property taxpayers, everything they need to know:

That they don’t count. And their children don’t count.

Which is why some parents are leaving shutdown cities like Chicago to find places where their children can benefit from in-classroom learning rather than be dumbed down by Zoom instruction, which fails the kids.

And it is another reason, for the sake of all kids — but especially low-income children trapped in large, substandard public school systems — that there must be real school choice.


Chambers is a Chicago Teachers Union leader who was part of a union delegation that visited Venezuela in 2019 and praised its socialist government. On her social media accounts — which were under Sarah4Justice before she deleted them — she repeatedly posted entries telling teachers to stay out of classrooms and thwart Chicago school officials’ plans to reopen this week.

CTU officials have insisted it is all about saving lives during the pandemic.

As first reported by WGN-TV’s Ben Bradley, hours after another of her protestations she took an embarrassing selfie while poolside in sunny Puerto Rico and posted it on her Instagram account.

Chambers was lying on her stomach, wearing a floppy sun hat. She was beaming and said she was going to enjoy some delicious seafood.


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