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No matter what happens, America will not return to ‘normalcy’

John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

The lawyers sink their teeth into what remains of the election between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden and it’s so close that neither concedes. As they prepare to do battle in the courts, America is reminded of what happened 20 years ago:

Those excruciating 35 days of George Bush vs. Al Gore and the high drama of those dangling Florida chads.

What’s different in America between then and now?


Just look at the plywood on the downtown storefronts of the big cities for postelection violence.

America has undergone a profound and confusing realignment. But we’ve had difficulty processing it as a people, with journalism becoming infinitely more tribal and partisan and Big Tech putting its news thumb on the scale for the Democrats.


And despite some weepy nostalgia expressed by a few of the squishier pundits longing for a return to “normalcy” — whatever that is — America won’t revert to the centrist reign of the wise men. The center of both political parties collapsed long ago under the sodden weight of the corrupt elites.

The left knows this. Conservatives know this. And no matter how the 2020 elections go, there is no returning to “normalcy.”

All that plywood on glass storefronts in downtown Chicago, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, the boarded-up windows along Rodeo Drive, tell you how much things have changed in the 20 years since Bush and Gore.

That plywood is a declaration of realists. Merchants risk their own money in business. That wood cuts through the political spin offered by liberal Democratic mayors.


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