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How to preserve the American republic? The Constitution and originalist justices like Amy Coney Barrett

John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

What’s needed is a governor, like one of those mechanical devices you put on an engine to slow it down and prevent it from blowing itself up.

That’s why we have the Constitution and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Not so the justices could pick up a bat and swing for one side or another, but to call balls and strikes, using the rule book the framers left to us. Many of them weren’t mechanical geniuses. All were flawed. But they loved individual liberty. They understood human nature and that tribalism would rip us apart.

And that’s why I’m thankful that the president nominated Justice Barrett, the legal scholar from Notre Dame and former law clerk of the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

It was always the Supreme Court for me, and the federal judges. Conservatives worried about the reach of government and the desire by the Democrats to use the high court to push policy into law that they could not otherwise get through Congress.

Trump, as I have said before, is not the cause of our national acrimony. He contributes, absolutely, as do the Democrats.


Trump is a symptom of what happens when the political center collapses of its own corrupt weight. It happened to the Republicans years ago. They were perfectly behaved gentlemen and gentlewomen. They never used vulgarity. But they helped send thousands of manufacturing jobs overseas and sent Americans off to die in needless and costly wars.

What is moral or gentlemanly about Americans dead, and survivors leaving their limbs on some forgotten dusty roadside thousands of miles away?

It is happening to the Democrats now. The Democratic establishment rigged the party nomination for Hillary Clinton in 2016, they herded the hard, angry left with Russia collusion fantasies that came to nothing. Now they have their establishment candidate in Joe Biden, backed by Wall Street and Big Tech, protected by Twitter and Facebook.

To appease the left that topples the statues in the streets, attacks police and imposes a wholesale rewriting of American history in the public schools, Democratic establishment politicos dangle threats:


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