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Upon release from hospital, Trump denounced as a heretic by mainstream media high priests

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

A man got coronavirus and, like most who get it, he did not die. After a few days in the hospital, he emerged and told his people something shocking: that they can beat it too, and that while they should be cautious, they shouldn’t let fear control their lives.

“Don’t be afraid of COVID,” he said when he got back to work. “Don’t let it dominate your life.”

As you know by now, the man is President Donald Trump.

What he said seemed reasonable, a leader telling his country not to be dominated by fear at a time when fear, and fear porn, have become staples of the news and of political efforts to defeat him.

The numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention back him up. Estimates released in September show a death rate that is low across the board, especially among the young and healthy, but the drumbeat in politics and media has been all about fear.

The high priests of the Washington establishment media who have thrown their lot in with the Democratic Party and Joe Biden for the 2020 campaign were outraged by Trump. They denounced him as a heretical blasphemer for rejecting their absolute moral authority.


That is what the media meltdown was all about. Whether they all grasp it or not, I can’t say.

Yet it was obvious, and positively medieval in tone, right out of the days of the Black Death, when the berobed holy men, some mouthing Latin prayers they didn’t understand, insisted the plague was retribution for sin. These days, the media priests don’t speak of sin. They speak of karma and see Trump’s illness as just payment for his not masking up.

How will Americans vote? I don’t know. I do wear a mask at the grocery store, out of concern for the feelings and health of others and for my own sake because as a diabetic I have a comorbidity. Yet I know that many who’ve been far more meticulous about their precautions got the virus anyway.

What followed since Trump was diagnosed and upon his return was a meltdown on many of the news networks, on CNN and MSNBC, and on many social media sites.


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