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Trump’s stop in Kenosha wasn’t risky. It was smart politics.

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

You can understand why Democrats didn’t want President Donald Trump to visit Kenosha to respond to last week’s mob violence, looting and arson.

They’re embarrassed. They’re worried about the election in a few months. It’s getting close, and Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in key Midwestern swing states is shrinking.

Trump is trying to take advantage of their weakness. He’s the president. He’s in a campaign. And if he had not visited Kenosha, he’d be guilty of political malpractice.

He applauded the cops there for restoring order to the city that had burned, talked to business owners who lost everything, and brought with him $47 million in federal money to rebuild ruined businesses and bolster law enforcement.

“You may have (peaceful) protesters, but you may have really bad people too,” Trump told reporters during a brief question and answer session. “It’s hurt the media ... someone saying it’s a peaceful protest and over their shoulder the whole place is burning down.”

Urban violence has been building for some time. And despite what Democrats say now, it did not begin with Trump.


Republicans don’t run the public schools in these cities where special interests, including public schoolteachers’ unions, are served first and the kids come last. Republicans don’t impose high taxes that kill business development where it’s needed most, in economically depressed urban areas. Democrats control their police departments.

In Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Portland, Washington and elsewhere, the Democrats rule.

And the road to urban despair was paved over decades and decades, by failed Democratic policy, as I wrote in 2016.

What we see now — and what some Democrats have tried to avoid since violence erupted after the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd — are liberal Democratic mayors being devoured by the hard left.


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