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In empathy’s name, Trump the Disruptor offers school choice to #WalkAway parents

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

President Donald Trump wasn’t elected for his empathy. He was elected to kick the Washington establishment — the bipartisan courtiers of our modern Versailles on the Potomac — in their sensitive parts.

Kick them he did, repeatedly. And they fought back, swinging their corporate media hatchets at his head, so he slammed his “Fake News” war club into their guts.

Now, with the election just months away, both sides seem out of breath, like TV wrestlers, exhausted, with folding chairs broken in pieces on the floor of our shabby national political amphitheater.

The Democrats built exhaustion into their strategy after Trump’s 2016 election, and Trump has helped them with his brutal Twitter thumbs and commentary. In many ways, Trump is his own worst enemy.

So, this (virtual) Republican National Convention is every bit an infomercial as was the (virtual) Democratic offering days before. But this one is about counterprogramming.

It may be Trump’s last chance to reframe himself, to offer something to parents sitting on the fence who seek a reason to walk away from the Democrats.


What Republicans offered those parents on the RNC opening night was this:

School choice, to allow Black and brown families a chance to escape the big-city public schools that have failed their kids for decades.

“I don’t care if it’s a public, private, charter, virtual or a home school,” said South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, a Black Republican, in his stirring speech. “When a parent has a choice, a kid has a better chance.”

Just then I thought I heard heads exploding among liberal pundits and the bosses of the teachers’ unions, the ground troops of the modern Democratic Party. They just hate that social media #WalkAway campaign by Democratic voters who’ve decided to leave the party.


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