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One story from the night of looting in Chicago that doesn’t fit the approved narrative

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

National Democrats are silent about the violence in Chicago, about the skyrocketing increase in murders and shootings, and the mobs of looters who pillaged the city’s finest shopping district the other day.

There is no political advantage for them in mentioning the violence in Democratic cities. All they care about is getting rid of President Donald Trump.

And the national media — meaning the Democratic Media Complex of the Washington Beltway — is also consumed by Trump. That’s understandable. They loathe Trump, and there’s a presidential election going on. If they think of Chicago at all, it is to bend Chicago to their narrative about Trump.

But let me tell you about a Chicago man who doesn’t fit into any of the approved narratives.

Demisck Lomax.

I doubt Nancy Pelosi knows his name. And the Beltway media won’t mention Lomax on those Sunday TV political talk shows. He’s beneath their radar. They don’t have to deal with him.


But Chicago has to deal with him.

Because what happened to Lomax defines just about everything going on here lately.

Lomax was arrested in that giant mob of looters that descended on North Michigan Avenue early Monday. According to prosecutors, Lomax was outside the Burberry store around 12:30 a.m. About that time, caravans of looters were pouring into the wealthy and upper middle-class neighborhood, smashing windows, stealing from expensive shops and causing an estimated tens of millions of dollars in damage.

Prosecutors say Lomax used a chunk of concrete to smash the Burberry store window. When two Chicago cops tried to arrest him, Lomax allegedly grabbed another chunk and whipped it at the head of a Chicago police sergeant. Then he allegedly ran off. The cops chased him down and caught him.


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