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Before November, America must know more about Trump-Russia probe

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

A recent headline in The New York Times — a paper of record for the anti-Trump Resistance — was adamant:

“Barr Dismisses Trump’s Claim That Russia Inquiry Was an Obama Plot.”

Reading that, you might come away believing that Attorney General William Barr had just brushed off President Donald Trump’s much-tweeted Obamagate theory. Trump insists the now-discredited Russia collusion probe against him was an Obama scheme.

Only one problem with the headline: Barr didn’t dismiss it. Barr did not say there was no plot.

He did not say that former President Barack Obama or his vice president, Joe Biden — now the presumptive Democratic nominee — had nothing to do with it.

The Russia collusion investigation tore the country apart. It cost some $40 million and lasted almost three years, leading to partisan impeachment proceedings against Trump, which failed to result in a conviction. Run by special counsel Robert Mueller, it found no credible evidence to accuse any American with colluding with Russia in the 2016 election.


But the hysterical media and partisan finger pointing that came with it did accomplish something of value.

It allowed Obama and establishment Democratic Party bosses to escape blame for backing Hillary Clinton and losing the White House to Trump. If they could blame Russia for Trump, they could herd anti-establishment Democrats like the Bernie Bros into a safe space and keep control of their party. And so, it was done.

Despite the Times’ headline, and much of the media coverage over Barr’s remarks, all Barr said was that he did not anticipate, based on what he knows now, any criminal investigations into Obama or Biden.

But if you search the negative space between what happened and what may come, you’ll see evidence of the panic among Obama’s servants, his Washington Kemalists. Like their namesakes in Turkey years ago, they acted as if their mission were to protect the state against the will of the people, elections or no elections, and keep their hold on awesome power.


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