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End coronavirus panic porn and let's seek some balance

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Are we still all in this together?

It sounds like a shepherd singing to a flock while driving them to market. And that other one, the "stay safe" thing? It sounds like the bleating of sheep.

Stay safe? Are you serious?

We're reaching Great Depression levels, with 20 million jobs lost in April alone, and the unemployment rate at 14.7 percent, but I figure the real unemployment rate is larger.

All this economic ruin is due to the governors shutting down commerce to fight the coronavirus, to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. But maybe extreme social isolation of the young and healthy wasn't the wisest course.

What happened to balance?


We've lost our sense of balance in this viral panic.

Some will never get their old jobs back. Others are content to take their government unemployment checks and other federal assistance and figure they'll seek work after those checks stop coming. But there might not be jobs available when they feel like working again. Small-business owners are being flattened by the minute.

The economy is in a tailspin. And you don't start the economy up again by saying a few magic words and snapping your fingers.

The economy isn't a light switch. You don't turn it back on once it's been shut down. And we don't have years to wait for a vaccine. Already people are pushing against the shutdown, defying government orders, and the more idiotic politicians will push back with law enforcement, which will just increase the chaos.


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