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Take tribal politics out of shutdown debate and think about the guy at the food pantry

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Unlike the tens of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, America's cultural elites, in politics, government and media, are doing just fine during the coronavirus shutdown.

Some of the politicians are paid well enough to hoard gourmet chocolate ice cream in their expensive kitchen freezers, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, rightly dubbed by Republicans as our very own Nancy Antoinette.

"I enjoy it," Pelosi said of her chocolate stash on "The Late Late Show" in the most tone-deaf media interview of the year, with her country out of work and people low on food. "I like it better than anything else. ... I don't know what I would have done if ice cream were not invented."

As Republicans shout "Let them eat ice cream," the Democrats shout that President Donald Trump is at it again, with his wantonly barbaric Twitter thumbs, virtue-signaling and rallying his Trumpian base about stopping immigration.

But then, after pressure from agribusiness lobbyists and the high-tech lords, Trump pulled back and decided to allow temporary workers to keep working on farms, and in Silicon Valley, where they have already displaced higher-paid Americans.

So, everybody who counts votes or money gets their say. But what about those who don't?


Like those Americans who've just lost their jobs. And small-business owners losing everything they've saved a lifetime for. The government shut them down, too, and they don't get much of a say, do they?

If they dare protest, if they demand to work and run their own lives, they're condemned by mouthpieces of the left as a bunch of greedy fools Who Just Want People to Die.

And who wants people to die?

In this, America's elites are very much like the wealthy rich in Boccaccio's "The Decameron," safe behind the walls of a secluded villa outside Florence, full of wine and full of ourselves, babbling on and on about love and morality during The Plague.


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