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Hell freezes over in coronavirus pandemic: Washington media embraces federalism

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

If there is one benefit from the coronavirus pandemic, it is that the establishment news media -- which is overwhelmingly liberal and loathes President Donald Trump and his more than 60 million voters with a passion -- have finally done something quite counterintuitive.

They consulted an old document they'd long forgotten: the Constitution.

And now they embrace federalism.

Members of the Washington-based Democratic Media Complex have insisted for years that Trump was a dictator. Yet when the coronavirus hit, weren't these TV show ponies whimpering that he wasn't enough of a dictator?

As Trump's daily White House coronavirus briefings keep the focus upon him, much to the dismay of newsies of the left, it is the governors and some mayors who are acting like true coronavirus dictators.

Many local officials of both political parties offer reason and restraint in combating the virus. But some use a heavy hand, issuing edicts and executive orders without benefit of laws written by state legislatures.


In the Michigan of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer -- the new poster child of capricious authoritarian rule -- you can't buy tomato plants for your backyard garden. You may float along in a sailboat or kayak, but if a laid-off autoworker dares take his motorized bass boat out for some solitary fishing, he is in violation.

Whitmer's bitter whimsies have triggered growing statewide protests. This is what happens when people are bossed around on whim.

Without benefit of written law, voted upon by state legislators and signed by governors, executive fiat leaves too much open for interpretation. It is disastrous for the protection of civil liberties.

And perhaps most importantly right now, executive whim breeds uncertainty and undermines public confidence in effective social-distancing policy at exactly the wrong time.


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