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To fight Biden, Sanders should learn how to say 'Comeback Kid' in Ukrainian

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

As Joe Biden climbed out of his political grave, CNN anchors were so excited they wriggled like puppies about to wet the carpet and called him "The Comeback Kid."

Biden did make a spectacular comeback on Super Tuesday. But what about Bernie Sanders?

With 60 percent of Democratic Party delegates still up for grabs, with the Democratic Media Complex in lockstep with Biden, what should Bernie do?

If Sanders truly wants to fight for the Democratic nomination and not roll over for the establishment as he did in 2016, then he, too, should call Biden the Comeback Kid.

But Bernie should say it loudly in Ukrainian:

Povernennya Dytyny.


According to Google Translator, anyway. I hope that's right and it doesn't mean "creepy old guy who sniffs women's hair without asking" or "lying dog-faced pony soldier." If you can't trust Google, what's the news business coming to?

Joe's son Hunter Biden should know how to pronounce Povernennya Dytyny. Hunter had that $50,000-a-month no-show job with Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, when his daddy was the Obama administration point man in Ukraine leveraging the firing of prosecutors against U.S. loan guarantees. And Hunter scored big in China, too, because his name was Biden.

But Hunter's too busy to teach conversational Ukrainian. He's probably boning up on natural gas jargon before he's called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R.-S.C., the committee chairman, wants Hunter as a witness to get to the bottom of that swampy Ukrainian business.

If you dare mention Hunter and Ukraine, the Democratic establishment pols start frothing at the mouth. So, I'll light a candle and pray Donna Brazile doesn't tell me to "go to hell." It's Lent, Donna. C'mon, man.


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