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'No Safe Spaces' raises frightening doubts about our freedoms

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

No matter what side you take on Trump Impeachment Theater, or just about any other topic for that matter -- from the politics of chicken sandwiches to climate change -- if you dare challenge the views of the reigning political priests, chances are you'll be called stupid and hateful.

And someone will want to shut you up.

The traditional American response to such silencing has always been: "This is a free country, isn't it?"

But is it now? Or are we building a new "Animal Farm," where we are told what to think and how to think it?

These are the central questions in "No Safe Spaces," a profoundly important new film about free speech and thought by conservative radio host Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla, the libertarian comic and podcast superstar.

It could be the finest gift you could give a young person. All of us need to be reminded that we once believed that America was a safe space for free speech.


And we once believed that silencing speech -- even if it is deemed "triggering" or hateful by some -- is like removing Americans' tongues.

The film is a great gift to help prepare the young, especially any bright middle schoolers you know, for what awaits in high school, where they will be cleansed of bothersome notions, and at universities, where their place in the great herd awaits them.

Yet lest you think "No Safe Spaces" is some conservative screed, know that it highlights prominent liberals, including former President Barack Obama, who tells of how he's been appalled at what is happening to free speech at universities.

I'm certain that some conservatives, especially those who've been taught by their own thought-minders on the right to recoil in fear from threatening ideas, would be shocked to see Obama or the pundit Van Jones in this film.


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