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'A Day Without Republicans' is a film for blue state taxpayers

By John Kass, Tribune Content Agency on

Sen. Elizabeth Warren swooped into Chicago from that economic fantasy planet of the democratic socialists -- the strange world where math is all about feelings -- to tell the striking teachers union she stands with them. Because of the children.

Economic conservatives, including conservative Republicans and that handful of moderate Democrats who are still breathing, just can't live on that planet. They can't breathe. The environment is too taxpayer toxic.

But if you'd like to see what America would look like without Republicans, in a place under absolute Democratic control, where the left demands more and more from taxpayers, with no pushback from the conservative side of the aisle, then look to the city by the lake.

Look to Chicago and see the future.

It could be a movie: "A Day Without a Republican."

"I'm here to stand with Chicago teachers," Warren, in red, told the crowd of striking Chicago Teachers Union members, also in red. "I'm here to stand with every one of the people who stand for our children every day. Everyone in America should support you in this strike, and the reason is because when you go out and fight, you don't just fight for yourselves -- you fight for the children of this city and the children of this country."


It's always for the children, isn't it? That dominates the news narrative, not the politics. And it's not about the power over a politicized school bureaucracy system that, for generations, has treated the mostly minority and low-income student population as cash cows, with many students unprepared for college or jobs. Oh, no. It's not the power. It's all for the children. And taxpayers who pay for it? Whom do they vote for?

The militant hard-left Chicago Teachers Union leadership has rejected a more than generous 16 percent to 24 percent pay raise and is now dictating education politics in a dark blue Democratic town, rhetorically bludgeoning progressive Mayor Lori Lightfoot. They devour her and descend on City Hall. And still, they want more from taxpayers.

Democrats campaigning for president, like Warren; and Bernie Sanders a few days ago; Joe Biden, the so-called center-left candidate; and others rush to signal support to the CTU. Because of the children?

Or the votes?


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