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I Have Talked With More People Than Any Living Human Being

Dennis Prager on

This week marks my 40th year as a radio talk show host.

I believe I have talked with -- not to, with -- more people than any living human being.

Obviously, some people have talked to more people than I have. The Chinese head of state talks to more people in a one-minute address to his nation than I have spoken to in 40 years.

But I cannot think of anyone alive who has talked with more people than I have.

Even a therapist who has talked with 10 people a day for 40 years has talked with fewer people -- because therapists talk to the same people repeatedly. I have almost always talked with different people.

Being a talk show host has therefore given me a unique laboratory to study the human condition. This is especially true in my case. I talk about many subjects -- politics is only one of them. I just as often talk about men and women, religion, happiness, children and just about everything else of importance.


This human laboratory has taught me an immense amount about the human condition.

Here are just a few examples:

No. 1: There are a lot of lonely people.

Ironically, talking to so many people has made me aware how many people do not have friends, people with whom they can freely share their thoughts. I thought lonely people were rare. What I've discovered is that people with real friendships are rare. No wonder the U.K. has a Minister of Loneliness.


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