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We Must Stop Tyranny With Our Conservative Values!

Dennis Prager on

I received a phone call on my radio show from a man who said, "Dennis, I'm a gay conservative actor in Hollywood, and it is far easier to come out of the closet as gay than as a conservative."

That call was in the 1980s.

While the current cancel culture -- the firing, humiliation, disparagement and smearing -- of conservatives is exponentially worse today than 30 years ago, it is not new.

As a result, the great majority of Americans who are conservative -- that is, about half the country -- hide their true beliefs. They fear saying anything that differs with the Left. This would include such reprehensible sentiments as:

With all its flaws, America is the finest country ever made.

Men do not give birth.


There are only two sexes.

A person's color is the least important thing about them.

The greatest problem in black life is not whites but a lack of fathers.

A man who becomes a woman and then competes in women's sports is cheating.


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