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I am the victim of a left-wing smear, and it cannot be undone

Dennis Prager on

Democratic Undergound's headline read, "Conservative Radio Host Dennis Prager Ridicules Anne Frank." It features a tweet from @Kokomothegreat that has 499 retweets.

There has not been a word on Democratic Underground or from Koko about Newsweek's correction.

I note all of this to make three points.

First, as I have said for decades: While truth is a conservative value and a liberal value, it has never been a left-wing value.

Second, the left's primary response to those with whom it differs is to smear.

Third, smears cannot be undone.


This was brilliantly brought home to me in a famous Jewish story I first heard when I was a student in yeshiva.

The tale is told of a Jew in Eastern Europe who had slandered his rabbi but soon regretted it. So, he went to his rabbi, told him what he had done, sincerely apologized and asked the rabbi's forgiveness.

"Bring me two feather pillows," the rabbi responded.

The man did.


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