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What is Judaism?

Dennis Prager on

If you've ever wondered what Judaism is, here is a list of its principal beliefs. This is not not an official list, but these beliefs have been widely held by religious Jews for thousands of years.

As for my background, I have taught Judaism all of my life including two years as a member of the Brooklyn College Department of Judaic Studies; written two books and hundreds of articles on Judaism; and written two volumes -- Genesis and Exodus -- of a projected five-volume commentary on the Torah (called "The Rational Bible").

I am publishing this list because fewer and fewer Jews know anything about Judaism, and because many non-Jews understandably but erroneously identify Judaism with what most Jews believe.

I. There is one universal God.

This God is the Creator of the world and the God of all humanity.

II. One universal God means there is one universal morality.


III. God is:

a) Incorporeal (not physical): All matter comes to an end.

b) Eternal: All matter has a beginning and an end. But God exists outside of time.

c) Outside of nature: God is not in nature. And nature is not divine.


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