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Chicago Teachers Are Teacher's Pets

Debra Saunders on

Tuesday, 73% of Chicago teachers voted to compel their school district to ditch classroom instruction in favor of remote learning because of COVID-19.

So, it's official: Some urban public school districts are employment programs first and institutions of learning secondarily.

The union claimed to be promoting safety. But really, the union was leaning on the early myopic response officialdom adopted to prevent COVID-19 at all costs while ignoring the hazardous-to-health side effects of lockdowns.

The Chicago Teachers Union posted a 10-page paper on "safe and equitable conditions for reopening" Chicago public schools. The paper argued "institutional racism" is behind the higher incidence of COVID-19 among Black and Latino children -- unperturbed by the damage remote learning poses for minority students.

McKinsey reported last month that students in majority-Black schools remain five months behind their historic levels, while students in majority white schools are two months behind -- "widening pre-pandemic achievement gaps."

Remote learning robbed students of the joy (and pain) of being kids around other kids, and it's not healthy for child fitness.


An August paper published in JAMA reported that overweight and obesity for 5- to 11-year-olds increased from 36% to 45% during COVID-19 -- overweight and obese children are at risk for contracting serious COVID-19.

The union 10-pager also suggested Chicago "defund the police" and shift $33 million from police to health care. The paper concluded, "Normal wasn't working for us before. We can't go back."

Chicago parents, you've been warned.

Be it noted, more than 90% of Chicago teachers are vaccinated, which vastly reduces their risk of serious COVID-19. The district should work to accommodate the needs of the immunocompromised but otherwise treat staff like other essential workers. Like the people who work in grocery stores.


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