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Harris shuns like-minded crowd because of Trump

Debra Saunders on

WASHINGTON -- Maybe because she's from San Francisco, Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris believes she has license to police the speech of partisans on the right.

Last month, she wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey suggesting that Twitter suspend President Donald Trump's account because, among other sins, Trump called the Ukraine whistleblower a "spy" -- a linguistic offense that served as one of many "blatant threats" that violate Twitter's user agreement.

Believe me, nothing would make me happier than an end to Trump's incessant tweeting, but it's scary that Harris believes that censoriousness -- no matter how ridiculous her focus -- could win her the Democratic 2020 primary.

But wait! There's more. After the Bipartisan Justice Center gave Trump its annual justice award for ushering through Congress and signing the First Step Act -- a groundbreaking measure that upended a throw-away-the-key sentencing system that put too many nonviolent drug offenders in prison for decades, even life -- Harris announced that she would boycott a Benedict College forum for Democratic hopefuls on Oct. 26.

Instead, Harris said she would attend an alternative event at a Columbia, South Carolina, venue and skip the forum at the historically black college.

This is how the only candidate to graduate from a historically black college treated her own team to further her ambition. It didn't matter that the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center gave her the same award in 2016. (The "20/20" part, by the way, refers to the group's founders, 20 black Democrats and 20 black Republicans.)


In this shameless election year, Harris was awarded for her small-minded stunt.


After Trump accepted the award and addressed a cherry-picked audience with barely any Benedict College students, the college took control of the event away from the 20/20 group that invited Trump.

After successfully intimidating reformers who wanted to recognize Trump's achievement, Harris deigned to participate in the event.


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