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Goodbye to My Brother -- for Now

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Our mother was a comic, a singer, a natural ham and an entertainer; our dad was unusually brilliant, the small college national debate champion, a lawyer's lawyer and the guy who would hold court in our living room to the fascination of our friends. But he never had the national platform that Rush would carve out for himself. Rush did our parents proud in a way that is indescribably gratifying to me.

As few others do, Rush lived life his way, and the world is immensely better because of his contributions. He was the tip of the spear from day one and took tidal waves of abuse from hateful leftists who devoted their lives to destroying him -- and they failed. Rush was responsible not for the development of modern conservatism but for its explosion into the mainstream of American life. He paved the path for so many other great conservatives. The nation -- and all of us -- owe him deeply for this. He single-handedly resurrected AM talk radio.

Rush particularly inspired me to be the best I could be in both my law practice and my writing career. He entrusted me to handle his entertainment contracts and encouraged me to write columns and books. He pushed me to excel in both professions.

Rush was loving and unfailingly generous -- the best brother, the best brother-in-law, the best uncle and the best cousin we could have had. In the weeks following his death, I have felt a deep and profound loss. We were in constant communication, supporting each other to the end. Every day since he died, I steadily find myself wanting to share something with him and instantly realize I can't and will not be able to again until we meet in heaven. That hurts.

But I thank God for Rush's faith in Jesus Christ and for receiving him into a much better place, one with no more death, mourning, crying or pain.


One of the last things I said to Rush when he was still conscious and able to interact was, "I love you." He looked at me and replied: "I love you, too. Big time."

Goodbye, big brother. Thank you for being you and for being there for me all your life. I am so, so grateful for you -- and may God bless you forever and hold you in His loving arms.


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