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Leftist rioters, like their Marxist muses, are literal revolutionaries

David Limbaugh on

How do we make sense of the nonstop craziness going on in our society? Is there a common denominator, or is it all happening randomly?

Well, it's unlikely that multiple sectors of society just happen to be imploding at the same time without some causal forces behind them. And you don't have to be a garden-variety conspiracy theorist to realize that some kind of intelligent design is at work here.

I personally think we're in the throes of spiritual warfare. But instead of expanding on that, I'll just address the human agency that might be facilitating this chaos, because human beings are advancing it regardless of whether unseen forces are ultimately behind it.

I know of no one who disputes that George Floyd's murder was outrageous and inexcusable. I know of no one who disputed it after seeing the horrible video of the event. President Donald Trump himself condemned it within hours.

I also know of no one who objects to peaceful protests about this horrid incident and others like it. All fair-minded people abhor such misconduct toward anyone. But it is not fair to condemn all cops for the actions of a statistically small minority. And it is lunacy to dismantle law and order because of them.

I would hope, however, that we would have more widespread condemnation of the rioters, looters and anarchists who, have leveraged racial tension to justify violence in American cities. There is no justification for these violent riots and the explosion of murders and other violence beyond the protest venues.


The rioters, by their own admission, are implacable. They have no demands that can be met, short of overthrowing our entire societal framework and constitutional system. They're not rioting over slavery, which was ended years ago. They're not demanding equal opportunity under the law or the advancement of civil rights laws, which were enacted decades ago.

They don't seek dialogue. How can you reason with young white leftists who abuse and assault cops, and call African American cops racist? How do you reason with spoiled, self-indulgent and sanctimonious malcontents? Think about it: While rioting over alleged white privilege and white racism against blacks, they lecture, malign and bully blacks. It is tragically surreal.

How can you satisfy those who claim that people are guilty of racism by virtue of their race, irrespective of any individual acts of racism? Those accused are given no chance to make their case; there is nothing they can do to acquit themselves, because they are convicted as a matter of who they are, not what they've done.

It's no surprise that these rioters are either outright Marxists or those Vladimir Lenin called "useful idiots" -- those who unwittingly advance the cause of Marxism. They think and act like Marxists.


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