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The Democrats are the ones really interfering in the presidential election

David Limbaugh on

You know what doesn't pass the smell test in the Democrats' sham impeachment crusade? Their main beef is that President Donald Trump abused his power to interfere with a presidential election (2020), yet that's all they have been doing for the last three years.

Interference with a presidential election (2016) was also their allegation with the Russia-collusion hoax. Oh, my, how they revere the integrity of the election process.

Remember Rep. Schiff's endless guarantees that he had irrefutable evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia?

Well, even the Democrats' would-be savior, former special counsel Robert Mueller, and his team of Trump-hating attorneys, couldn't produce a scintilla of evidence implicating Trump. If Schiff had the goods on Trump, he would have turned them over to Mueller. But nothing came of it, which means that Schiff didn't just make an honest mistake or, in his emotional zeal, overstate his case.

No, he outright lied. And this isn't a minor fib about a small matter but a major lie about a gravely serious matter. Savor the irony: Schiff brazenly fabricated a tale about having concrete evidence that Trump interfered with an election so that he himself could spearhead the mother of all election-interference capers: undoing Trump's 2016 election and preventing his 2020 reelection.

Has Schiff been held to account for his lies? To the contrary, he's been rewarded by his co-conspiratorial party with leadership of the latest election interference scheme. Interestingly, this charade began with a so-called whistleblower, who was probably not a whistleblower at all but a Democratic plant in the bowels of the Trump administration as part of another "insurance policy" to undermine the man who was duly elected under our constitutionally prescribed method for electing presidents.


For all the preening about the integrity of the democratic process from a party that routinely undermines the Constitution and our national sovereignty through judicial activism, lawless executive orders, the administrative state and its open borders policy, couldn't the Democrats even pretend to treat presidential impeachment as mildly serious?

No, because their concern isn't election interference or respect for the Constitution but regaining power and advancing their leftist agenda at all costs. If they were so dedicated to our democracy, they'd quit exploiting the impeachment clause to reverse the results of an election. They'd stop saying, along with other cynics, that "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors" has no meaning apart from how the House chooses to define it.

Wrong. The framers chose all of their constitutional language carefully, and this was no exception. These terms had meaning under English common law and American jurisprudence. It's one thing to say that because the House has the authority to impeach, the constitutionally specified grounds for impeachment are irrelevant or the House has no duty to honor the Constitution. These elected leaders are ultimately accountable to the people, and if they abuse their authority to impeach a president, because they hate him or have policy disagreements with him, then they should be held to account.

One said they must impeach him so he doesn't get reelected. Another boasted that they are going to "impeach the mother-----." When the Russia-collusion hoax didn't work, they instantly pivoted to Ukraine. Why not? To them, impeachment is as easy as a grand jury indicting a ham sandwich.


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