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The censorious left is obliterating free speech!

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

A lot of things worry me about a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration, but nothing troubles me more than that it will accommodate the left's disturbing march toward selective suppression of free speech.

Much of the war against this sacred liberty occurs at the level of our culture, but when a leftist-friendly administration is in power, our ...Read more

If Biden becomes president, the nation will never be the same again; Please forbid it, almighty God

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

We are just days from the most important election in modern times, and sanctimonious scolds are still telling conservatives they're immoral for supporting the main person fighting to prevent this nation's destruction.

Seriously? Your shaming isn't working. We don't believe we are betraying our values for standing with the person who is pursuing...Read more

Mainstream media engaged in a sordid conspiracy to deceive the American electorate

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Have we ever witnessed a stranger anomaly in modern presidential politics than the craven contempt the Biden campaign, the media and social media have shown for the American electorate in their disgraceful conspiracy to hide Joe Biden?

What bona fide presidential candidate would arrogantly hide in his basement during the heat of a campaign, ...Read more

Judge Barrett is an originalist, not a conservative activist

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

I won't pretend to be surprised by this, but Senate Democrats, knowing they don't have the power to stop Judge Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to the Supreme Court, have turned the confirmation hearings into a campaign platform to smear President Donald Trump.

The Democrats' approach to the hearings illustrates how disingenuous their professed...Read more

Against 2-to-1 odds, Pence brought home a resounding victory

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

The conventional wisdom is that Susan Page was a fair moderator of the vice presidential debate. She wasn't, but Vice President Mike Pence won anyway.

Almost all of Page's questions were loaded against the Trump-Pence agenda, and hardly any were loaded against the Biden-Harris agenda. Though her baked-in assumptions incorporated the liberal ...Read more

Don't be suckered Into diversion over debate chaos

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Don't fool yourself; the Democrats and the mainstream media don't want to cancel the next two presidential debates because they are worried about Americans' delicate sensibilities. Are you kidding me? They know that the ailing Joe Biden is hanging by a thread, and they're scared.

Even if they believe Biden won the debate, as they claim, they ...Read more

Trump will prevent the left's destruction of the nation and its abolition of liberty

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

It's getting scary out there, people. Everywhere you turn, Trump haters are venting their wrath against Trump supporters, as if supporting President Trump is an unforgivable sin.

They're projecting and gaslighting -- blaming Trump and his supporters for everything they're doing. It's madness, but at long last, they might have awakened the ...Read more

The fascist left typifies the very qualities it professes to abhor

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

The fascist left regularly typifies the very qualities it professes to abhor. The only thing more pronounced than its totalitarianism is its stunning lack of self-awareness.

It's ironic that leftists think of themselves as liberals, as the term "liberal" is historically and etymologically connected to the concept of liberty. Not only are they ...Read more

Patriotic Americans will ensure Trump will win

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

As a Trump supporter, I don't casually dismiss the polls that consistently show he's behind. But I am cautiously optimistic he's going to win, for many reasons.

Trump won in 2016 against overwhelming odds, the formidable Hillary Clinton machine and almost-unanimous predictions of his defeat.

Though Trump was a well-known public figure, people ...Read more

Are African Americans truly warming up to Trump?

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

I get the sense that rightward movement is occurring in the African American community. This is more than anecdotal. It's not random. It is for good reason.

At least since the '60s, the Democrats have had a lock on the black vote, which they've nurtured and protected like leftists guard their copies of "The Communist Manifesto." Their conquest ...Read more

Blaming the violence on Trump is a bridge too far

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Democrats can try but won't succeed at distancing themselves from the violence they have enabled on American streets. People surely know where the Democrats have stood on this, and that they're now backpedaling only because of polling data.

Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg outright blamed this anarchy on President Donald Trump. ...Read more



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