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Baker Jack Phillips -- A Cultural Hero

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Colorado baker Jack Phillips is a perpetual offender. He simply will not do. His offense? Unswervingly honoring his deeply held, and constitutionally protected, religious beliefs.

We've all heard of Phillips and his travails. Leftist bullies have been tormenting him for years, beginning in 2012, when the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ...Read more

Kamala Harris Just Keeps Getting Worse

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

No matter how mentally diminished President Joe Biden is, you have to be horrified by who waits in the wings should he leave office before the expiration of his term.

Unfortunately, one of the many consequences of Biden's mental decline is an impairment of judgment that manifests itself in such reckless decisions as putting Vice President ...Read more

Biden's Disgraceful Exploitation of the Tulsa Race Massacre

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

This may shock and amaze you if your blinders are on, but President Biden is not only not a uniter; he is actively trying to divide Americans on race -- and other issues -- purely for raw political power. There is no other plausible explanation.

During former President Trump's entire presidency and ever since, we've been bombarded daily with ...Read more

A Hearty Summer Reading Recommendation: 'Armstrong Rides Again!'

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

It's been a rough year, to say the least, with a global pandemic, the election of the most dangerous, leftist presidential administration ever, and a media and institutional elite in this country who are essentially Marxist functionaries.

Summer and beach reading might provide some needed relief. But before you pack your bags and head to the ...Read more

Leftist Racial Agitation Damages and Divides America

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Just when you think racial agitators can't get more outrageous and ridiculous, they do. We see fruits of this evil obsession every single day.

Throughout the pandemic, the media preached that historical racism in the United States disproportionately impacted African Americans. Hollywood bombards us with race-shaming on show after show, using ...Read more

GOP: Seek Not Phony Bipartisanship. Save the Nation

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Riddle me this: Why would Republicans fall for the Democrats' age-old ploy of pressuring them into working on "bipartisan" legislation that will only advance the Democratic agenda and damage the nation?

Indeed, what's the point in the GOP puffing up its chest about ousting Liz Cheney from her House leadership position if they're just going to ...Read more

Calling on 'Moderate' Democrats

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Everyone knows President Joe Biden ran as a moderate and is governing as a leftist radical, yet we see little evidence of Democrats, including the liberal media, breaking ranks from him. Why?

I've previously written about the lack of Democrats' dissent from their party's undeniable extremism and have always been met with the response that they ...Read more

The Left's Systemic Exploitation of Race

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

When I occasionally complain about the left politicizing race, fellow conservatives often say to me, "Don't worry about this. They've lost all credibility on the issue, trivializing it by overuse. They're getting no traction with it." Oh?

You'd have to be blind and deaf to deny that this tactic is working for the left politically and that it ...Read more

Biden's Fabled Bipartisanship

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

I haven't seen much humor in life during the past year or so, but one thing that has been uproariously hilarious lately is the orchestrated media narrative that President Joe Biden is bipartisan and conciliatory. Please give me a moment to catch my breath.

I think it was Karl Rove who recently observed that the media's effective definition of ...Read more

Goodbye to My Brother -- for Now

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Losing Rush has been tough. Until a few very long weeks ago, he was always in my life. Like other siblings growing up in the same home, we shared experiences that were exclusive to us. Our parents instilled in us -- and we thoroughly absorbed -- their Christian values: their love of God; their unconditional love for each other and for us; their ...Read more

Americans Must Never Throw in the Towel

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

As we survey our rotting cultural and political landscape, it is tempting, from a worldly perspective, to lose hope for our way of life and our nation. As Christians, we have a greater Hope, one that transcends these worldly problems.

We must always train our focus on Jesus Christ, especially during this holiest of weeks, but let's not in the ...Read more



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