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Real threats to democracy still, as always, come from the left

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

A dark cloud looms over the United States today -- a storm cloud of tyranny. All the rest is noise -- a diversion.

If self-congratulatory pats on the back could cause skin damage, Trump haters would have leprosy. Having been on a witch hunt to burn him at the impeachment stake since he took office, they believe they are vindicated forevermore. ...Read more

Trump's agenda must survive his presidency

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

I am saddened by what occurred at the nation's Capitol building on Wednesday. Such mob violence, especially against the nation's institutions of government, must be firmly and unequivocally condemned.

For my entire lifetime, the Republican Party has been the party of law and order and has zealously honored the Constitution. We must and will ...Read more

Never give up fighting the radical left

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

I have long believed that the radical left represents an existential threat to the republic. Indeed, my last book, "Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win," was based on that premise. So now what?

Since it appears that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office in less than three weeks, my deepest fears should only be ...Read more

Sen. Romney's lament is misguided

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney is grieving over, as CNN anchor Dana Bash put it, President Donald Trump's "very firm grip on the Republican Party."

Bash asked Romney whether he fears the party won't "be able to overcome Trumpism in the near future." Romney didn't object to Bash's negative characterization of Trumpism. He merely responded that he ...Read more

Trump supporters are right to doubt the election

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Some accuse Trump supporters of manufacturing allegations of voter fraud out of whole cloth and resisting the presidential election results in response to their supposed cult leader's wishes. As usual, President Donald Trump is the villain and his supporters are complicit.

But again, the Trump-hating critics are wrong. Nationwide GOP distrust ...Read more

Project Veritas strips CNN naked!

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Project Veritas' expose of CNN's behind-the-scenes conference calls shows that the network's slogan should be "We won't fully report so you can't knowledgeably decide."

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas, in the ultimate trolling coup of the year, monitored and recorded CNN's morning conference call with CNN President Jeff Zucker and other ...Read more

Democrats want unity only on their terms

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Many Trump haters have been lying all along about President Donald Trump, what he stands for, what his record has been and who his supporters are. Now they tell us they want unity.

What Trump wants -- and want his supporters want -- is for America to reclaim its greatness, its robust liberty tradition, its prosperity, the integrity of its ...Read more

The censorious left is obliterating free speech!

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

A lot of things worry me about a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration, but nothing troubles me more than that it will accommodate the left's disturbing march toward selective suppression of free speech.

Much of the war against this sacred liberty occurs at the level of our culture, but when a leftist-friendly administration is in power, our ...Read more

If Biden becomes president, the nation will never be the same again; Please forbid it, almighty God

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

We are just days from the most important election in modern times, and sanctimonious scolds are still telling conservatives they're immoral for supporting the main person fighting to prevent this nation's destruction.

Seriously? Your shaming isn't working. We don't believe we are betraying our values for standing with the person who is pursuing...Read more

Mainstream media engaged in a sordid conspiracy to deceive the American electorate

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Have we ever witnessed a stranger anomaly in modern presidential politics than the craven contempt the Biden campaign, the media and social media have shown for the American electorate in their disgraceful conspiracy to hide Joe Biden?

What bona fide presidential candidate would arrogantly hide in his basement during the heat of a campaign, ...Read more



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