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Time for Trump to smoke Joe out of his basement

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Just what kind of cynical game are Democrats playing in keeping Joe Biden on their presidential ticket when everyone can see he is slipping? How long can this ruse continue?

The real news is not that Biden is failing. It's the Democrats' fraud in pretending otherwise. They know he is not mentally up to the job, and they're trying to ride it out...Read more

Leftist rioters, like their Marxist muses, are literal revolutionaries

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

How do we make sense of the nonstop craziness going on in our society? Is there a common denominator, or is it all happening randomly?

Well, it's unlikely that multiple sectors of society just happen to be imploding at the same time without some causal forces behind them. And you don't have to be a garden-variety conspiracy theorist to realize ...Read more

Trump must directly appeal to African Americans

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump directly appealed to African American voters for their vote, asking them, "What do you have to lose?"

Trump should have received more credit for this, as Republicans have often been criticized for not wooing African Americans from Democrats, who crucially depend on their overwhelming support ...Read more

Most Trump supporters can't wait to vote for him

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Commentators came out of the woodwork to ridicule President Donald Trump for allegedly turning his July 14 press conference into a campaign rally (and for being unpresidential). So what if he did?

They objected that he veered into other topics when he was supposed to be talking about China and Hong Kong. Horrors!

The press corps, of all people...Read more

The authoritarian left fears a level playing field

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman's proposal that Joe Biden shouldn't debate President Donald Trump unless "a real-time fact-checking team" is part of the mix is an ironic illustration of the closed-mindedness of the left.

Why would Friedman want a candidate who is eager to contrast his views with Trump's to impose conditions that would ...Read more

We must decide whether we want to save America

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

America is in crisis. Her destiny is on the line, and she will survive only if we still love her.

A battle rages in the streets, in academia, in the culture, and in the hearts and minds of the American people over whether America was and remains a good and great nation.

I have always believed that America is the greatest and most benevolent ...Read more

The left wants to radically transform America and reasonable people must oppose it... before it's too late

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

How long can this nation survive when its main cultural and educational institutions preach a relentless, unchallenged stream of anti-Americanism to young people (and others) who lack the background to resist this toxicity?

Along with others, I have long argued that the American left has a major problem with America as founded. Yet Democrats ...Read more

The silent majority can be silent no more

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Lately it seems that we conservatives can't win even when we're winning. But the country is under siege, so we cannot indulge the luxury of being discouraged.

This year has been one body blow after another to the nation we love. First, there was the coronavirus, and we thought, "How can this get any worse?" Then came the economic shutdown and ...Read more

Time for Trump haters to put America first

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Once again, President Donald Trump is being scapegoated for societal problems that he didn't cause. He didn't bring the coronavirus to our shores, and he has not created an atmosphere of racial disharmony in this country.

Is there anything Trump's haters won't blame on him? They've been trying to remove him since before he was sworn in, and ...Read more

Liberal media continues to complain about McEnany which only validates her further

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Don't listen to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's predictable critics. The level of vitriol the leftist media hurls at her daily -- during and apart from the press briefings -- conclusively proves she is doing a superb job.

Liberal journalists whip their long knives in her direction and seem shocked she doesn't grovel. They've been...Read more

RIP Ravi Zacharias, God's good and faithful servant

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

Three short months ago, I received an encouraging text from my friend Ravi Zacharias. Now, as if in a blink of an eye, he has passed away. Along with countless thousands, I grieve.

When he wrote, he was reeling from excruciating back pain but wholly unaware of the cancer diagnosis that would soon follow. Despite his suffering and his onerous ...Read more

The liberal media are trying to divert the public's attention from Obamagate

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

No, President Donald Trump is not ranting and raving about Obamagate to keep himself center stage or to distract attention from COVID-19, as liberal media are suggesting. They still don't get Trump.

Two recent columns contend that Trump has ulterior motives in harping on Obamagate -- the notion that the Obama administration tried to destroy ...Read more



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