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"Made in China" could be stamped on the United States

By Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency on

Many of the profits earned by China from U.S. businesses have gone to support its vast military and expand its reach in other parts of the world.

In a story about China's growing presence in Latin America, Business Insider noted: "In early December, El Salvador's president announced that China had agreed to 'gigantic, nonrefundable cooperation' with his country, investing an undisclosed amount in projects, including a stadium, water-treatment plant, and tourist development.

"Less than two weeks later, Argentina's new government said it was ready to join the Belt and Road initiative, China's sprawling infrastructure and development effort, which would make it the first of the region's four major economies to do so.

Those two developments at opposite ends of Latin America are only the latest signs of China's deepening ties in the region."

The U.S. views China's rapid expansion warily but seems unsure of what to do about it. China poses a greater threat to U.S. interests than the Sandinistas and other communist and communist-backed groups ever did.


We had better pay attention to China's plans and take countermeasures, or "made in China" could eventually be stamped on the United States.


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