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The Mafia and the migrants

By Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency on

In July, The Guardian reported, "The city's mayor, Virginia Raggi, said a deep wound had been inflicted on Rome by 'a criminal association able to heavily influence the political decisions of this city.' She added: 'We are paying the price every day. We now need to stitch the wound back together by taking the path of legality -- no easy task. We need to keep our eyes peeled [for corruption] at all times.'"

Eyes have been deliberately blinded, not peeled, by people on the take, which has left too many others, especially the migrants, suffering in limbo because the money they should be receiving has been diverted into the pockets of organized crime and corrupt officials.

In Europe the debate over migrants continues with Germany's Angela Merkel saying she would change nothing about her open border policy. Opinion polls show she leads her opponents ahead of Germany's September 24 election.

Italy's experience with shifting demographics is unique. As the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) reports, "Italians have accounted for the largest voluntary emigration in recorded history, with 13 million leaving between 1880 and 1915." The exit has been so substantial and exacerbated by the nation's low birth rate that foreign workers must be imported to do jobs native Italians once did.

The MPI report notes: "By accident of geography, Italy has played an outsized role in the current European migration crisis, receiving more than 335,000 irregular arrivals via the Mediterranean during 2015-16."

That so many have been mistreated is a scandal to everyone, except the Mafia.


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