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PBS Gushes Through Democrat Week in Review

Tim Graham on

At 3:39 p.m. on Dec. 2, Elon Musk announced he'd release internal documents exposing how Twitter went about heavily suppressing the New York Post and its mid-October 2020 scoops from Hunter Biden's laptop.

Journalist Matt Taibbi began tweeting out documents three hours later, and not surprisingly, there was no time for it on the evening news shows, including the "PBS NewsHour" -- which airs in Washington, D.C., at 7 p.m.

They also skipped it on PBS' reporter roundtable "Washington Week" at 8 p.m. No one started preparing anything in the afternoon? Maybe these shows were recorded before 6:30?

PBS host Yamiche Alcindor began with a "historic" gush: "For the first time in a generation, there is a new historic group leading the Democratic Party in the House. On Wednesday, Democrats voted to elect Hakeem Jeffries of New York as the House minority leader of the next Congress. Jeffries is the first black leader of a party in Congress in history." Then came a soundbite of Jeffries promoting how Democrats "fight for the people."

By contrast, Alcindor proclaimed, "It was a rocky, rocky week for current Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy." She noted he hadn't secured the 218 votes to become House Speaker, since "some hard-liners in the Freedom Caucus, the sort of right-wing part of his party, continue to withhold their support."

Note the Republicans have a fringe of "hard-liners," and the Democrats do not.


Alcindor added that the GOP has been "dealing with the fallout" from Donald Trump having dinner on Nov. 22 with rapper Kanye West and racist Nick Fuentes. She showed a soundbite of McCarthy denouncing Fuentes. The "Washington Week" show stuck to a 10-day-old story. Fuentes easily trumps Hunter Biden.

Does Joe Biden have any scandals? Not on PBS.

Alcindor turned to CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson, who cooed that House Democrats had "a really smooth transition, and you've got this younger, fresher face of the party."

CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang added that President Biden is supportive of this transition. Jiang didn't say anything about how the 80-year-old president is notably out of sync with the party's "younger, fresher face."


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