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Beware of Dems' Proposed Domestic Terrorism Law

Betsy McCaughey on

That's untrue. The Washington Post cites a report from the highly woke Center for Strategic and International Studies, which recorded 73 "far-right" violent incidents with two resulting deaths in 2020, compared with 25 leftist incidents with one resulting death. The numbers are minuscule, and the comparison between left and right incidents is meaningless because CSIS didn't count many of the violent events during last year's nationwide unrest after George Floyd's death.

During that riots, as many as 700 law enforcement officials were injured and property damage reached $2 billion. That shows leftist protesters, often acting with impunity, are a major threat.

Tell that to Garland.

In May 2020, as rioters were attacking public buildings in Portland and Minneapolis, Garland's predecessor, William Barr, deplored the attacks as "domestic terrorism" and named left-wing groups such as antifa.

But in a Senate hearing this February, Garland refused to call burning the Portland courthouse domestic terrorism. People are more likely to call something terrorism when they disagree with the ideology of the perpetrators.

Therein lies the danger. Even the ACLU and some Democratic lawmakers oppose a domestic terrorism law.


It's not needed to keep the peace. What's needed is a clear message that if protesters resort to looting, assaulting police or destroying public buildings, then they'll be punished, no matter how just their cause.

That's the opposite of California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters' message to Minneapolis protesters early Sunday, when she urged them to be "more confrontational." Yet, in Congress, she's exhorting federal investigators to shut down right-wing protesters.

Waters' hypocrisy shows how dangerous a domestic terrorism law would be.


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