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Chinese Communists' Germ Warfare Research

Betsy Mccaughey on

The U.S. must prepare for this threat. Biological warfare is a top priority of China's President Xi Jinping. Defending against it has to be a top U.S. priority.

Yet, Washington pols are complacent. The U.S. lacks an extensive system of surveillance testing. When commercial and government labs test specimens for routine medical reasons, they should also be randomly sampling for new viruses and bacteria invisibly invading the country. That will alert the nation early, instead of being caught off guard when emergency rooms are suddenly flooded with patients sickened by an unknown disease.

The CARES Act, passed last March, provides only $500 million for surveillance testing, a token 1/60th of 1% of the trillions spent in response to COVID this past year. Washington pols have used the pandemic as a pretext to ramp up spending on their favorite causes -- from teachers unions and performing arts centers to high-spending Democratic-run state and city governments -- instead of preparing the nation to defend against future viral attacks.

There will be future pandemics. But information about China's bioweaponry research is a valuable wake-up call. Now politicians must heed it.

Instead, Democrats in Maryland attacked Redfield on Monday, insisting that blaming China for the pandemic "put a big bull's-eye" on people of Asian descent. That's nonsense. Hate crimes against Asian Americans are deplorable, but the U.S. government must not be deterred from seeking the truth about the pandemic or China's biological weaponry.


Most Chinese Americans understand that China is a rogue nation with no respect for human life. That's why they choose to live here.


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