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Rubio and Roy Challenge the Woke Pentagon

Austin Bay on

The U.S. military is failing to meet what were already minimal recruiting goals.

That fact should trouble every American citizen who knows the world is a dangerous place.

According to the Stars and Stripes, on Nov. 18 Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth confirmed that the Army undershot its annual recruitment goal of 60,000 troops. Only 45,000 young Americans enlisted in the Army.

A 25% shortfall is huge, which Wormuth acknowledged.

In 21st-century warfare, technology matters: drones, missiles, spy satellites, cyber systems. However, winning a war requires highly trained, motivated soldiers operating their weapon systems in cohesive, disciplined and competently led military formations.

Sebastien de Vauban built Louis XIV's great French fortifications. His classic "Treatise on the Attack and Defense of Fortresses" concludes that walls and munitions are useless without human knowledge. Vauban argued a fortress is a synergy of structure, weapons and human garrison. That applies in an era of so-called autonomous weapons: humans tell the robots to attack.


Wormuth's acknowledgment of the shortfall's significance indicates that somewhere in her Biden administration political being she has a basic understanding of these key points.

But does Wormuth understand war winners fight in teams that cover the other guy's back because the other soldier's covering your back? Mutual trust is vital. Winners have high morale. Faith in nation, faith in purpose and faith in fellow soldiers are the foundation of high morale.

In their war against Russia's criminal aggression, Ukraine's soldiers demonstrate the combat effectiveness of team cohesion and mutual faith 24 hours a day.

Gen-Z cohort members were born from the late 1990s to roughly 2010. Why are they reluctant to enlist? From the Stars and Stripes: "They want community. They want purpose. They want what they're doing to matter," Wormuth told the Center for a New American Security, a Washington, D.C., "left-leaning" think tank.


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