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Putin Declares War on The Starving

Austin Bay on

Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine has become a war on the world's poor and starving.

As his army retreats, Putin weaponizes food. Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Congo -- Putin's war will kill in these hard corners.

On the battlefield Ukraine is steadily defeating Putin's corrupt Kremlin war machine.

In his bid to create Great Russia, Putin tried to smash Ukraine's will to resist. But Kremlin missile attacks have failed to crush the Ukrainian people's will.

Footnote: Adolf Hitler's bombing blitz of London hardened the Britons' will to defeat the National Socialist Fuhrer.

As for Putin's threats to strike Ukraine with nuclear weapons?


They boomeranged. Cold War vets saw the nuke threats as a desperation.

My speculation: at the diplomatic-strategic level, the Kremlin received vicious warnings from Europe and North America of massive conventional retaliation if it used a nuke.

As for the Kremlin's mass conscription and reservist ploy? Putin was threatening Ukraine with human wave attrition, which translates as "we Russians will die you to death."

The ploy incited mass resistance in Mother Russia. Even the oligarchs noticed.


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