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Biden's Disastrous Border Policy Is Evidence of No Planning

Armstrong Williams on

Can you spell "hypocrite"? I'm starting to think that it begins with the letter "B" and rhymes with "widen."

Democrats were scathing critics of the Trump administration's border policies. They were quick to lambaste former President Donald Trump for "caging children" in squalid conditions and tearing babies from their mothers' arms. Democrats held up these bleak examples as proof of Trump's lack of humanity, painting him as a heartless leader who was unconcerned about housing children in horrible conditions that put their health, and even their lives, at risk.

In fact, prolonged mistreatment of illegal children at the border and the separation of families became a talking point for then-candidate Joe Biden during the presidential debates.

Now, two months into his administration, President Biden is allowing unaccompanied children to cross the border, exempting them from a public health law that allows border patrol agents to turn people away because of the pandemic. The result? The largest surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in five years, with authorities scrambling to figure out ways to provide them appropriate housing.

Biden is quickly learning that it is very different to oppose a policy and complain about it from the back benches than to sit in the Oval Office and actually deal with it. In fact, Biden is now being blasted for the same situation for which he attacked Trump.

What's more, Biden has made a bad situation on the border much worse by adopting a lax border-crossing policy that is akin to hanging a sign that says, "Free food, free shelter and free medical care for those who illegally enter America."


Unfortunately, the situation that greets these young travelers once they enter the United States is far from welcoming. We are hearing reports and seeing images of children being kept in lockup facilities made for adults. Make no mistake: These are prisons, plain and simple. People are locked behind bars, unable to leave.

In Biden's America, children who cross the border illegally and alone arrive to find themselves in a locked jail cell with no clear plan for resolution.

We have seen a huge influx of children crossing the border because they know the immigration policy has changed and their chance of obtaining citizenship is greatly improved. Cynical parents from across Central America are willing to risk sending their children by themselves specifically to take advantage of the Biden policy.

Those children ultimately may be able to skip the citizenship line and become Americans if they make it through the labyrinth.


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