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Cultural Outrage

Armstrong Williams on

Today, we live in a society where we seem to sprint from one manufactured cultural outrage to the next. The goal posts seem to keep moving regarding what's appropriate and what's not, and frankly, it's quite exhausting.

But that's what the left wants: a numbing of traditional virtues and the degrading of the conservative values that used to define who we are so that the progressives can continue their march toward situational ethics. If it feels right, then do it; if it offends even one person it must be canceled and excommunicated from society. What's worse? Failure to jump on the cancel culture band wagon could be detrimental to you, your career, your business or your family.

The breakdown and dismissing of well-established cultural norms is exactly how institutions break down and how countries collapse. The path that we are snowballing down needs to be arrested if America is to continue to exist. Most reasonable Americans, whether on the left or the right of the political spectrum, certainly see how outrageous the progressive movement is becoming. How can they not? Take, for example, the latest manifestation of this cultural slide toward Gomorrah, which contrasts the iconic Dr. Seuss with hip hop of the most rank order.

If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, I'm referring to a "song" dubbed "WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. I won't elaborate on what the acronym stands for because kids might read this as well as adults. If you haven't listened to the "song," don't bother, seriously. It is garbage of the lowest form and to call it music is absolutely embarrassing. Yet somehow this salacious "song" has received accolades across the music spectrum, reaching recognition not unlike that which the song of the year might achieve. Furthermore, this song is readily accessible to children of all ages as it is aired on FM radio and satellite radio across the nation. To put how ridiculous this is in perspective, let's keep in mind that the progressive left demanded that the Christmas classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside" be taken off the air as it was deemed sexist.

Most recently, the deranged left-wing mob has set their eyes on the incredible Dr. Seuss. Yes, you read that correctly, one of the most impactful childhood authors of all time. So iconic that both former first lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama could be seen reading his texts to children from the White House. Now it looks like these books are next in the long line of things to be canceled by the progressive left, as apparently six of them will no longer be published due to "insensitive imagery." Are you kidding me?


Singing about sexual acts of the highest raunch factor is considered artistic expression and yet a children's book that has served up timeless stories that have been read to hundreds of thousands of children is now verboten? On what grounds? Let's not forget that some of Dr. Seuss' books have been converted into movies such as "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas," which have made the liberals of Hollywood millions of dollars. It would actually be pretty comical to watch the hypocrisy if it weren't so sad to see what it's doing to the fabric of this beautiful and diverse nation.

Let's hypothesize for a second that the canceling of these six books is actually driven by an underlying racist innuendo. Well, what's more racist than a song that wantonly flings the N-word around and that talks about the forced submission of Black women? It literally does not make sense, and I haven't seen one person successfully rationalize supporting the song "WAP" while also supporting the canceling of Dr. Seuss. I really don't get it and you shouldn't either. But, perhaps this is what the twisted entertainment guild wants: for decent families to be so exasperated that they just throw their hands up and tune out. But I would argue that's the first step toward license for this infectious disease to continue festering and spreading.


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